Praestegaard Modular Shop System by Walls + Forms

Aug. 17, 2009

Walls + Forms offers the Praestegaard Modular Shop System. This wall and floor system is easy to install, looks exquisite, and has a “chameleon-like ability” to change to suit the evolving needs of today’s retailers. It enables the user to change yet display their products better than ever in a visually stunning way.

Based on lightweight, high-load-carry aluminum frames, this system features easy-to-change color plates (panels) and a full range of accessories. This modular system, once installed, gives store staff the freedom to change a wall in minutes, or an entire store in a few hours – all without involving any outside labor.

This system is quickly and easily installed with little more than a level and a drill – and it saves up to 70 percent in expensive man-hours at the installation. And because the wall frames go up in front of “old” walls, there is no need to strip walls, paint, or even pre-level them.

Power outlets and security devices are hidden behind the plates and power cords from electrical products are inserted between the plates, leaving no ugly cables or wires hanging around the display area.

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