Custom bollards by Wikk Industries

Aug. 25, 2009

Wikk Industries is one of the few manufacturers that make custom bollards. The company customizes the material, design, finish, switch type, and location of bollard preps, and also the dimensions and cap, with multiple preps for add-ons such as intercoms, card readers, and pull stations.

Another nod to style and function is the choice of an INGRESS’R switch, an automatic entry door product that can be mounted on the bollard. Because the switch is 36-inches tall by 6-inches wide with a fully actionable 2.5-inch column, the door can be opened from any height or angle of approach. 

Simply bumping the switch with a wheelchair footrest or tapping it with a cane, walker, foot, hip, or elbow along its 36 inches of height activates door entry. Users find it easier to activate than smaller push plates, which can be difficult to reach when mounted too high or too low.

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