MX-5000 by Universal Remote Control Inc.

Aug. 17, 2009

Universal Remote Control Inc. (URC), the pioneer in control technology, unveiled the MX-5000, a wand-style two-way color touchscreen remote control designed to serve as the primary user interface for a networked commercial AV installation.

The MX-5000 particularly excels as a solution for public speakers in boardrooms, auditoriums, and other places where the speaker’s attention should be focused on the audience as opposed to the AV equipment. In addition to the keypads commonly found in boardrooms, the MX-5000 enables commercial pros to provide speakers with a fully portable, one-hand remote that can be used from a podium, conference table, or other location. As the first remote control to offer haptic technology, the MX-5000 confirms each touchscreen button-push with a tactile vibration that the user feels; users can confirm operation without looking at the remote so they can more easily maintain eye contact with the audience. Every surface, contour, and button of the MX-5000, as well as its screen size, has been designed to “feel right” when used with one hand.

The MX-5000, which features a 2.7-inch LCD color touchscreen, is equipped with WiFi (B and G), Narrow Band RF and IR. Via any URC base station, the user can enjoy a complete AV control experience that seamlessly integrates new digital media sources and content with traditional IR and RS-232 components. Dynamically linked via WiFi to a networked A/V system, the MX-5000 serves as a comprehensive and convenient dashboard for everything in the system. Because of its comprehensive two-way database, the MX-5000 can display the current status and browse media from the most popular IP-controlled components, such as PCs, servers, cameras, lighting, HVAC, and networked AV receivers.

URC’s integrated universal programming platform, Complete Control Program (CCP), creates one file for all remote controls, keypads, lighting, and automation in one installation. CCP offers drag-and-drop programming as well as pre-programmed modules for pop-up volume control for networked AV receivers; when the user touches a volume button on the MX-5000, a pop-up display shows the current volume in real time. All of the user’s media choices, wherever they reside on a network or in a specific room, are available on the MX-5000’s screen, right in the user’s hand.

The PC-programmable MX-5000 touchscreen wand remote is completely based on URC’s flagship controller, the MX-6000 two-way touch screen, with the exception of its smaller screen, its GUI (which is optimized for the different screen and button layout) and its chassis, which is optimized for one-handed operation.

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