Multi-Chromatic White Lighting Solutions by OPTEK Technology

Oct. 7, 2009

A metal fabric system from Cambridge Architectural employs stunning, expansive panels of architectural mesh to add style and function to parking garages.

Providing highly consistent LED color-matching capabilities, TT electronics OPTEK Technology now offers multi-chromatic tuned light engines. OPTEK’s chromatic tuning process produces solid-state lighting solutions with remarkable module-to-module consistency, such that differences in color temperature of each light engine are indistinguishable to the human eye. The standard measure for distinguishing between differing chromaticity is the 4-step MacAdam’s ellipse. A reference chromaticity point on MacAdam’s 1931 correlated color temperature (CCT) chart represents a given color value, and a 4-step ellipse around that point indicates color variations that are indistinguishable to the human eye.

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