Erika Templeton | Editorial Director

Dec. 31, 2014

Erika Templeton | editorial director
Remember my New Year's resolution to get a task chair? Trouble is, I have an unflinching obsession with stools—and my 2015 resolve was no match for the BCTD barstool's wood and leather charms. The String Lights series won my heart at a FLOS showroom party just a few weeks ago, beating out the competition thanks to their flexibility, which lets the end user determine how the fixtures are hung, adding custom geometries and depth to the space. And Miliken's Dissemblage, quite simply, blew my mind. Any product that can make walking feel like a game gets my vote. (Plus it's made from

1.From Michael C. Poulsen, the BCTD barstool is made of solid ash and leather upholstery. The barstool is a unique Danish designed product with sublime Japanese woodworking skills.

2.String Lights from FLOS—designed by Michael Anastassiades—is an original suspension, both conceptually simple and bold at the same time. String Lights uses two different light sources—one in the shape of an isosceles triangle, the second in the form of a sphere.

3. Dissemblage, designed by Cresta Bledsoe for Milliken, couples unexpected unfolds with tailored woven ribs that veil precise geometries and bold super graphics. Pattern is revealed as people move around the interactive woven metallic design, which reads as a solid ground except in the area in which you stand.

AnnMarie Martin | Senior Editor

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Chris Curtland | Managing Editor

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Ben Frotscher | Associate Editor

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Robert Nieminen | Editor-at-Large

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