Interzum Preview Explores Smart Materials

Jan. 16, 2015
<p>Orgatec&rsquo;s sister fair, the materials-focused Interzum, also occupies the Koelnmesse GmbH from May 5 &ndash; 8. A special Interzum preview was presented to Orgatec visitors &ndash; &ldquo;Innovation of Interior: Smart Office Materials.&rdquo;</p>

Orgatec’s sister fair, the materials-focused Interzum, also occupies the Koelnmesse GmbH from May 5 – 8. A special Interzum preview was presented to Orgatec visitors – “Innovation of Interior: Smart Office Materials.”

“We’ve focused on four current main avenues of development by manufacturers and scientific institutes,” said Dr. Sascha Peters, organizer of the preview and founder and owner of Berlin’s Haute Innovation – Agency for Material and Technology. “Manufacturers have brought to the market in the last few years a number of new materials that are based on renewable raw materials or organic waste materials, and that are completely or partially biodegradable. At the same time, companies are trying to save resources by using special lightweight materials and construction.

“The integration of function with additional benefits engineered into materials can create added value. Seating can now include air-purifying layers, contain imprinted electronic switches, or adapt to the comfort of users with sensors integrated into the textiles. In addition we address the emerging significance of generative, layered additive production – specifically, 3-D printing.”

Look for these products and many more from Interzum exhibitors in May:
From Thorston Franck Design in Munich, a 3-D printed stool created from a logarithmic spiral.
Fragrant Arolla pine wall panels from Zirp in Austria emit a piney aroma that contains up to 0.5 percent pinosylvin, an antibacterial and fungicidal substance naturally present in the tree’s heartwood. The panel design creates three times more surface area than ordinary panels, maximizing the spread of a scent that scientists at the Human Research Institute say helps to lower heart rates and speed the recovery of people under physical and mental duress.
Inspired by the Japanese Yakisugi tradition of charring the surface of wood to preserve it, Freund GmbH further refines the surface with high-grade oils, wax, or lacquers.
Austria’s Organoid continue to develop environmentally friendly binders for natural fibers. In this example, 100-percent biodegradable wood pulp was sprayed into a three-dimensional mould, where it hardened.
Pieces of bamboo cane cut at an angle create an incredibly sturdy lightweight core to this panel, developed by ConBou of Berlin. The design saves materials and offers very high compression strength.

James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel discovered that wood waste mixed with bio-resin expands up to five times its original volume, creating a strong, lightweight material. This “Well Proven Chair” was created in London.

Text and photos courtesy of Kenn Busch

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