Allison Kalder

March 25, 2015

Concept Statement:

The Next Lobby design targets Millennials and their travel experiences. Their desire to stay up-to-date and connected will be satisfied by a space that is fully equipped to power and charge any and all digital devices, while also providing electronic amenities. This hub will provide a sense of global connectivity through the streaming of pod-casts featuring live foot traffic from major cities throughout the world—a unique entertainment experience unlike any other. Divided into “separate-yet-together” zones, The Next Lobby will allow for easy transition from daytime functions such as work meetings or family entertainment into night time functions such as an evening out with friends, dinner date, or live music. This will serve not just travelers but also all members of the local community. The space will display one- of-a-kind pieces of art while featuring an eclectic blend of modern and industrial decor that stays true to the style of Seattle. Custom tile flooring will inspire the feeling of being at the docks, while cozy fireplaces will create a sense of comfort and refuge from the sometimes harsh Seattle weather. The Next Lobby will engage travelers and citizens alike and lead the way towards the future.

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