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July 28, 2016

1. Inspired by the art of jewelry design, the HARLOW Series from Gabriel Scott uses geometric and sculptural language. Mold-blown glass forms are held by metallic prongs that join through a center stem in an explosive bouquet of soft light and sharp hardware. Uses a 60W Xenon bulb.

2. This vaulted ceiling features a ROCKFON specialty metal ceiling system. The panels can be formed as curved shapes and the open
plenum systems can be specified as custom patterns. The seamlessness of the face-mounted ceiling creates the illusion that it is either flat or curved.

3. Vase 1 by Miriam Ancis at Antis Design is a sculptural floral arrangement that offers playful embellishment. Used to decorate reception areas, lobbies, conference rooms, and private offices. Made of winterstone and steel. Dimensions are 45" x 36" x 32".

4. Graph by Wilkhahn is an adjustable conference chair that offers superlative comfort. The steel seat and backrest frames feature wave springs, padding, and additional cushioning. Without any mechanics, the leaf spring in the seat’s three-point support ensures 3D flexibility to
keep the body and mind active.

5. The Forest by Christopher Moulder draws  inspiration  from  the essence of various flora and fauna, including deer, birds, mushrooms, and trees. Each lighting piece features strong shapes with slim bits of material, creating an intricate yet delicate form.

6. Crafted by Jason Hernandez, The Merge Stool features a steel and wood construction in which both elements flow cleanly into one another. Available in a bar-height stool and a tripod version. Offered in six grains and finished with a no-VOC oil rub.

7. Bostik Dimension RapidCure Glass-Filled Pre-Mixed Urethane Grout contains micro-glass beads and a translucent, urethane binder that reflects and transmits light. This creates a variety of aesthetic effects from an elegant sparkle to blending naturally with traditional tile and stone. Contains 80 percent recycled glass content.

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