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Sept. 1, 2016

1. Poppin’s shapely, stackable Groove Side Chair is perfect for breakout spaces, spare seating, and casual dining. The durable seat and steel frame let you unstack, sit, and restack as desired. Floor glides allow for easy moving. The chair features a molded plywood seat with a polyurethane finish.

2.  Plaid is a bold weave from Chilewich Contract. Available in wall-to-wall flooring and wall textiles, the pattern repeat is 36 inches and there is no need to align seams. No two tiles are the same even when laid in the same direction. The collection uses 14 colors in solid and bi-color yarns.

3.  Baresque has launched Zintra Desk Solutions, a line of dividers, screens, and panels. The collection combines noise-reduction performance with modern aesthetics. Break up long desks, add privacy, or create freestanding partitions. Create space delineation without interfering with the overall openness of an office design.

4.  Wink is a clear finish that transforms any paintable surface into a dry erase board. Available from Wolf-Goldon in three convenient kit sizes that will cover areas of 50, 100, or 200 square feet. It has a low-VOC, water-based formula that is virtually odorless.

5. Rethink writable surfaces with Flip by Clarus Glassboards. Both sides of Flip can be used for collaboration or a decorative element. Flip is a magnetic surface when you need one, a piece of art when you don’t. Acoustical panels with custom prints, patterns, andcolors can also be used on the other side. Choose from more than 150 colors.

6.  The EVER Cart by Bretford is a storage and charge cart equipped with a future-proof MiX Module System. Its customizable modules can be continually modified to accommodate devices. Shelf heights and slot sizes can evolve without the need to replace the entire cart. This hybrid solution supports 20 to 45 devices.

7.  Kozmic is a collaborative collection that creates a unique space to touch down, power up, or connect with. Offered by National Office Furniture, it features a spine-based structure, bent plywood platforms, and impromptu seating. The series also includes lounge furniture and tables. Grommets can be outfitted with outlets.

8.  Séura’s Vanishing Entertainment Television Mirrors provide a crisp television image and a fashionable mirror when turned off. Ideal for environments with little to no natural daylight that might cause glare and reduce the screen’s brightness. Available in sizes from 32 to 65 inches.

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