Oct. 11, 2016

Drone-Powered Hotel Concept Designed by HOK’s Toronto Office Awarded $10,000 Grand Prize

On Oct. 5, over 200 guests including professionals from hospitality, investment, design, brand, and development, gathered for the 10th annual Radical Innovation Awards at the New Museum in New York City.

Two professional finalists, Driftscape and Nesting, presented their concepts to a live audience. The Radical Innovation jury and audience posed questions designed to test the concept's feasibility for future development, and following this question and answer session, audience members voted for the idea they felt had the power to change the hotel industry. HOK’s Toronto office, the creators of Driftscape, received the grand prize of $10,000 and the chance to have their idea further developed in the marketplace.

Runner-up, Paris-based MM Architects Designers & Planners received a $5,000 prize for their concept Nesting, while the student winner, Juan Orduz of the University of Nevada Las Vegas was awarded $1,500 for his concept Space View Inn.

Submitted by HOK’s Toronto office | Canada

Inspired by the fundamental human urge to wander, HOK’s Toronto office designed Driftscape as a way to provide a fully immersive, significantly heightened guest experience. Driftscape is a mobile, selfsustaining hotel that, through the use of drone-technology, allows guests to touch down in diverse locations unattainable to traditional hotels. Driftscape hotels are comprised of modular units: the “Driftcraft,” an autonomous guestroom pod, and the “Oasis,” the amenity and service base. Each Driftcraft is designed to accommodate two guests, and support untethered excursions of 2-3 days before returning to the Oasis to be refreshed with necessary amenities.

“Driftscape meets growing market demand for authentic, immersive experiences with a concept that is entirely new and original,” John Hardy, CEO of The John Hardy Group and Founder of Radical Innovation.

“The audience was won over not only by the romance of the idea, but the amount of research supporting its feasibility.”

Submitted by MM Architects Designers & Planners | France

Nesting is a hospitality concept that reimagines how we utilize urban parks and shared green spaces by
forming a partnership between private and public entities. In response to rapid worldwide growth, MM
Architects Designers & Planners were inspired to create a hotel concept that would play a unique and
relevant role in tomorrow’s urbanity. Nesting’s modular structure is multi-functional, compact, light, and
integrated, allowing it to be placed within a wide array of urban and green spaces.
Juan Orduz, graduate student at UNLV and creator of Space View Inn, poses with John Hardy and the Student Award.
Submitted by Juan Orduz, University of Nevada Las Vegas | US
Identifying the hospitality industry as key to private space development, Orduz designed Space View Inn
to address the twofold design and operational obstacles of space travel. By adapting and building on
current space architecture standards, Orduz designed an expanded truss system able to comfortably
support leisure and hospitality activities for up to 64 guests. The concept introduces a “Space Lottery”
intended to secure additional funding and offset the large costs of the project, while also allowing space
travel to be a more inclusive experience potentially available to all and at a very low cost.
The event was co-produced by The John Hardy Group with support from founding sponsor Global Allies,
official partner Sleeper magazine and media partner Architizer. Innovator level sponsors included UNLV
School of Architecture, Accor Hotels, Beyer Brown, Collins Brothers Worldwide, DFL Legal, Hospitality
Logistics International, Son & Sons, and Martin Stringfellow Associates.
Special thanks to Moderator Tara Mastrelli (Founder and Brand Strategist, Studio Tano) and the 2016
Radical Innovation Award designer Chris Hardy (Founder, Chris Hardy Design).
Radical Innovation Jury:
Michael Medzigian, CEO and Director, Carey Watermark Investors
Jena Thornton, LEED AP, Managing Director, Eagle Rock Ventures
Simon Turner, President, Global Development, Starwood Hotels
James Woods, COO, The Bowls
Wing T. Chao, Founding Principal, Wing T. Chao Architect
Claude Amar, President, The John Hardy Group International
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