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New Releases

July 26, 2017

1. Shade by Chilewich Contract is a flat and tight twill weave that features a unique rotation of bi-color yarns to create a subtle ombré effect in the warp. The bi-color yarns share one common color, which produces an understated yet expressive shift in color throughout the textile. Shade is available in wall-to-wall flooring and wall textiles as well as square tiles, planks, and custom area rug sizes.

2. nora systems’ enlighten collection of rubber flooring is designed for K-12 learning spaces. The line comprises norament jubilee, noraplan stone, and norament round and hammered stairtreads. These floors combine a complementary palette of both neutral and bold colors with a durable, low-maintenance solution. Enlighten improves acoustics and indoor air quality for entrances, classrooms, corridors and connecting spaces, and stairwell emergency routes.

3. Eli is a height-adjustable table platform from izzy+. The fun design allows workers or students to move, think, create, and innovate. Its trapezoid, tulip, diamond, arc, and six-top shapes build on the idea that people shouldn’t have to work “inside the box.” Eli is customizable with colorful urethane edges, laminate tops, and privacy screens.

4. Jinx is a contemporary range of organically shaped soft seating, capturing the epitome of comfort that is suitable for a wealth of environments. Designed by Allermuir, Jinx includes a single-, two-, and three-seater sofa that share the same visual architecture. Styled to break the mold, each low-level piece is as striking as a standalone piece as it is a collective.

5. Envire Rubber Sheet and Tile from Roppe is ideal for high-traffic areas that require natural resilience, exceptional wear resistance, and dimensional stability. It is appropriate for use in educational, healthcare, institutional, and retail applications, as well as convention centers, elevators, and clean rooms. Envire is free of PVC, phthalates, and Red List chemicals.

6. E Ink unveils E Ink Prism, a dynamic color-changing film for architecture. The film can be custom programmed to dynamically switch colors in nearly any pattern, shape, speed, and sequence. Create dynamic interiors by adding E Ink Prism to laminates, marker board, glass, and decorative panels. Seven new colors offer a paint-like appearance.

7. BuzziSpace introduces BuzziBaffle. Conceived as a fully scalable system, BuzziBaffle covers small and large areas—hang a few panels over a conference table or apply across the entire ceiling of an expansive office. The offering is available in two styles: BuzziBaffle Straight for a minimal look or BuzziBaffle Wave, which features an articulated ripple edge.

8. The Arc-Com Foundation Collection draws its inspiration from the tools, techniques, methodology, and geometric forms that were used to craft and build magnificent European cathedrals. This high-performance collection includes six dynamic, bleach-cleanable textile patterns: Vault, Windlass, Oculus, Lunette, Centring Stripe, and Mason Stripe, as well as a textured vinyl wallcovering.

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