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Blending the Best of Both Worlds

Aug. 28, 2017

I know there’s quite a bit of cringing when commercial designers hear the term “resimercial.” Let’s try that again: resimercial. Did that feel less cringe-worthy?

We live in a Brangelina society where we mesh two complex individual entities together into a simple singularity that erases their distinctive personalities. Beyond being difficult on the tongue, part of the reason we recoil from the word “resimercial” is that it strips the concept of intricacy involved in home-like products being used in contract settings, making residential furnishings seem like they lack a seriousness and durability while removing commercial products from the realm of beautiful and comfortable.

We chose to call this issue “Crossing Over” because the products in these pages intertwine the strengths of both the residential and commercial worlds. It’s not that the commercial market was saturated with uncomfortable eyesores before it began to blend with the residential market. Instead, what “resimercial” or crossover products signal is a difference in the clients’ frame of mind, whether in the home or out. They expect the best of what each can provide, and we have the ability to provide it. (It is possible. We have the technology.)

Like OT/TRA (Product Evolution, p. 60), which doesn’t pigeonhole its products into a particular market; or JANUS et Cie (Steals + Splurges, p. 66), with timeless luxury that deserves to be center stage whether in one’s living room or next to the hotel pool. We also wanted to highlight pieces ready for the commercial market that may surprise you, as seen in our new article Product Collaboration (p. 48), which in this issue highlights the partnership between renowned design personality Nate Berkus and The Shade Store.

Similar to the perfect pair of shoes, these products are fashionable and functional, and fit into a number of “looks” while catching the end user’s eye. 

Kadie Yale | Editor in Chief

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About the Author

Kadie Yale | Former Editor-in-Chief

Kadie Yale holds a BA in Industrial Design from San Francisco State University and a MA in Decorative Art History and Theory from Parsons the New School. In her role as editor-in-chief from 2015-2018, she led the interiors+sources team in creating relevant content that touches on sustainability, universal design, science, and the role of design in society.

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