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New Releases

Jan. 4, 2018

1. Boundary Metallics is Interface’s newest LVT line, a modern take on concrete that gives the appearance of a metallized, eroded surface. Inspired by industrial materials aged by the elements, Boundary Metallics serves as a striking counterpart to the natural textures that appear in Interface’s carpet tiles. Offered in 25cm x 100cm planks, the rectangular shape provides more visual depth than traditional square tiles.

2. SiPro silicon technology by Arc-Com is a 100-percent silicone-coated fabric. This textile is inherently ink and stain resistant, antimicrobial, antifungal, and flame resistant. The multiple silicone layers provide enhanced durability and can withstand bleach cleaning. It carries SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, meets HHI criteria, and is compliant with CAL 01350.

3. MultiForm from Milliken is a modular carpet collection inspired by art. The collection’s kit of parts allows designers to see the floor plane as a blank canvas. Shading, pattern blends, and distinguishing outer frames combine to create one-of-a-kind floorscapes. MultiForm includes 20 colorways, three sizes, and a variety of edge borders.

4. EchoCloud from Kirei was created for difficult, high-volume ceilings. The customizable cloud units help absorb sound within an open space and reduce reverberation. Available in four different styles and multiple shapes, these clouds boost ceiling design capabilities and hide distracting mechanical fixtures. EchoCloud is responsibly sourced and made from recycled materials.

5. Vintage by Camira is a buttery soft genuine leather with a pigmented grain effect, providing a delicate and smooth finish with a pleasing tactile impression. Available in 30 colorways, Vintage includes brighter shades of blues and reds or more traditional natural browns and neutrals. The line is ideal for lounge seating and heavy-duty upholstery applications.

6. clé introduces Oh Joy!, a collection of cement tiles with endless ways to create pattern. The five delicately hued designs come in 6-inch square and 8-inch hexagonal shapes. Oh Joy! is infused with whimsical pastel colors and versatile designs. Each tile is handcrafted and can be installed indoors and outdoors on floors and walls.

7. Wilsonarts Hospitality Collection offers 45 coordinated options of engineered surfaces. The curated collection focuses on nature’s neutrals, emphasizing wood designs with fun pops of color and graphics. These products contribute to a home-like experience while providing durability and easy maintenance.

8. The Floating Glass Pendant is a reimagined classic from SONNEMAN. Thanks to LED advancements since the pendant debuted in 1984, Robert Sonneman redesigned the pendant to replace the outdated quartz halogen bulb. Now simply called Float, the clear glass disk creates a 360-degree ring of light. The pendant is also available with a white etched glass disk.

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