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Airbnb's Niido taps V Starr for New Flexible-Living Rental Spaces for All

Feb. 19, 2018

The new hospitality concept features designs tailored for each home-share location.

As the hospitality market continues to evolve, the needs of various end users are being met with new, innovative guest experiences. One such solution is Niido Powered by Airbnb, which offers technology-enabled, full-service home-sharing and flexible-living spaces.

Niido (a play on the word “nido,” which means “nest” in Spanish) is a new brand of multi-family rental communities that facilitate home sharing.

V Starr Interiors by Venus Williams is designing Niido’s first project, a 324-unit building in Kissimmee, Fla.  Specifically, the firm will create designs for the amenities, shared spaces, interior finishes, and furnishings for the NiidoHome units. As specialists in both hospitality and multi-family residential projects, V Starr was a perfect fit for the project.

Design elements in the Niido units are inspired by the “NiidoFamily,” a concept that represents different family members with varying personalities, such as the “Advertising Exec” and the “Bookworm Blogger,” featured in the first location.

“We had to figure out a way to wrap our heads around the idea that there is an initial end user, the renter, and then there is the end user beyond that, the Airbnb client,” noted Sonya Haffey, design director of V Starr Interiors. “We were thinking, ‘Who are we designing for: the transient hospitality guest or someone who is going to use this [space] at all times?’ The answer is both.”

Sonya Haffey, design director at V Starr Interiors.

While Airbnb and Niido certainly bring a new spin to hospitality, the traditional hotel guest looking for the traditional hotel experience isn’t going anywhere, Haffey noted. “Kissimmee was selected because it has the highest rate of current Airbnb users,” she explained. “I don’t know that [Niido] will affect the hospitably industry in a negative way in that area because [the concept] has already been there. People who want the hotel/hospitality experience that is nearby at some of the Disney hotels or other big-name brands in the area will continue to go stay at those properties.”

Venus Williams, founder of V Starr Interiors and tennis super-star.

The idea is that Niido will help regulate the Airbnb process and assist in creating positive experiences for both hosts and guests. “[Niido] will assist with [keeping] neighbors [from becoming] upset that you’re renting out a unit and will help to get the process done in assisting people in renting and renting out spaces,” Haffey added. “If you’re the Airbnb client coming to the space, you know it will be clean, you know it will be ready, and you know it will be up to the standard you expect because it has been overseen by the management of an entire building instead of an individual who may not be taking certain care. It is a bonus that you know what you’re getting.”

The first Niido property is expected to open in Summer 2018. The group is looking at opportunities throughout the country with designs varying from city to city. The basic elements of each location will be consistent throughout all units including high-end kitchens and baths, luxury wall finishes, wireless speakers, and keyless smart locks.

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