ASID Announces New Outcome of Design Awards Program

Oct. 16, 2018

The Outcome of Design Awards from ASID celebrate the results-driven impact and wide-reaching benefits of sustainable, conscientious design projects.

When it comes to sustainable, human-centric design solutions that have a lasting impact, how do we measure the success of a project? As a testament to the importance of post-occupancy research, ASID is excited to announce a new awards program that celebrates data-driven projects from leading designers and innovators worldwide. Called the Outcome of Design Awards, this initiative will honor the designers (and clients) pushing to prove the impact of design.

ASID Celebrates the Best of the Design Industry

“The Outcome of Design Awards honor projects that represent the best of the design industry today,” states Randy Fiser, Hon. FASID and ASID CEO. “Projects that put the spotlight on physical and mental well-being, sustainability and productivity are key to the future of design. The Outcome of Design Awards prioritize these human-centric strategies and honor the designers and clients whose collaborations will shape and positively impact the human experience for generations to come.”


Partnering with Herman Miller and NeoCon, the Outcome of Design Awards recognize projects that embody the ASID belief that “Design Impacts Lives” through proven results. Looking at designs completed within the past five years (and with at least six months of occupancy), the awards program will evaluate the measurable impact on occupants to determine the most successful and innovative projects – studying completed research on how the occupants’ emotional and physical well-being, productivity, engagement and other initiatives have evolved since moving into the space.

Going Beyond Aesthetics

The Outcome of Design Awards acknowledge that great design goes beyond aesthetics – focusing on research that highlights health and wellness benefits and testifies to the tangible, positive impact of design. The Awards will showcase new tools and processes in design, strategy, technology and research that are leading the charge in healthful design, along with an inside-look at the nominated spaces that will shed light on the quantifiable effects of thoughtful design and the innovative designers and clients behind them. By looking comprehensively at everything from design goals and certifications to post-occupancy research findings, the Awards will demonstrate how design and human experience go hand-in-hand. The three primary areas of review will be:

  • Design Solutions and Details: The basics – project goals, size, certifications, important design features and more to give an idea of how the design team addressed the client’s initial needs. Submissions should be a joint effort between the design team and client.

  • Occupant Experience: Eligible projects must have been completed in the past five years, with at least six months of occupancy, and include the design’s measurable impact on the occupants – all is key to the Outcome of Design Awards. How the occupants’ lives, experiences, emotional and physical well-being, productivity or other specific goals have changed since occupying the transformed space are key to understanding the design’s success.

  • Research-Based Results: Good design is much more than aesthetics – it is a measurable, concrete benefit to the human experience. By providing research-based results as part of the application, the project’s accomplishments and innovations are solidified and show the tangible positive impact of design.

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Beyond Beauty & Comfort

Representing a first-of-its-kind initiative, the Awards program seeks to prioritize how design extends beyond being just beautiful or comfortable. Whether successfully benefitting employee well-being, making environmentally-conscious design decisions or implementing socially responsible goals, design has the power to dramatically change the lives of its inhabitants.

The Outcome of Design Awards are currently open, with submissions due December 5, 2018. Finalists will be invited to share their projects at the first-ever ASID Outcome of Design Conference in Chicago, March 21-22, 2019. For more information or to submit a project, visit

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