There’s No Limit With These Custom Lighting Projects

Oct. 16, 2019

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Hammerton can help make the custom lighting an architect or client dreams of a reality. Learn how they do it and see some of their projects and process.

Helping clients turn what inspires them it into lighting is what Hammerton is about. The company was founded in a garage in 1995 to create custom pieces that aren’t found in a retail showroom because of their size, style or scale.

Working closely with clients, the Hammerton design team helps bring a vision or inspiration to life, even from as little as a “napkin sketch,” as Paul Verbecky, general manager of Hammerton Signature, Hammerton’s custom division, puts it. “We help uncover what the clients like about the light and how they can get the end product they want.”

Creation comes from a lot of different places, Verbecky notes, and the Hammerton team works with architects who come with a vision and bring the idea to life.

“One of the challenges that faces commercial designers and architects is how to fill large spaces and to do things that reflect the brand while adhering to customer budgets,” he says. “We understand the need for designing what they can afford while meeting size and scale with beautiful elements and metal skills.”

Hammerton Signature’s Process

The design team works with architects to find out their vision, inspiration and objectives for the lighting. With that information, in 48 to 72 hours Hammerton designers can provide solutions on how to construct the light and budget estimates. From there, the designers and architect consider all specifications required for final pricing and production.

Hammerton artists and designers create and manufacture the lighting in their Salt Lake City facility until completed.

“The most fascinating thing I see day in and day out is that artistry isn’t dead,” Verbecky says of the work going on in the facility. “Hammerton brings the manufacturing and production along with the artistry together well.”

From concept to specification to production, a custom lighting piece can be completed in fewer than 10 weeks. And the team works with the architect the entire time to make sure it’s what’s envisioned for the space and there aren’t any surprises.

“People steer from custom because they feel there’s a lot of work, but Hammerton assumes that responsibility,” Verbecky explains. Since it’s all done in one location, “we can talk about a concept on a Monday and I’ll have glass that went into the kiln three to four hours later. That’s what sets Hammerton apart.”

Start Creating

Architects and designers looking to create a custom lighting piece can come to Hammerton with their idea or look through previous projects and designs for inspiration.

Although the team can work to incorporate many materials into the creation, trends Verbecky is seeing right now include metal screens, formed metal, blown glass and laser cut material. Recent projects include fixtures 25 feet in diameter.

In addition, Hammerton Studio offers contemporary and transitional lighting inspired by custom pieces that are ready to ship for projects that don’t require a custom solution.

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