Dec. 19, 2019

Define the personality of your space with FELTWORKS Blades. You can keep it understated with subtle color and soothing movement, or add drama with organized pops of color, shape and direction with ready-to-install kitted modules and rectangular blades. Transform mundane to modern with a soft visual texture that quiets interiors. Blades absorb up to 70% of the sound that strikes them and install easily with aluminum suspension bars and aircraft cables. As part of the Sustain® portfolio, FELTWORKS Blades meet the most stringent industry sustainability standards today. FELTWORKS Blades are available in 15 standard colors, and there is no need to field-finish cut edges with color throughout panels.
FeltWorks™ Blades quiet spaces and redefine the visual plane, changing the topography of the ceiling while adding warmth to spaces. Two modular kit options give you flexibility to enhance your design visual and bring down the noise. Our Design Guide shows how easy it is to combine standard kits, or reverse blade direction to create more unique looks. Then download detailed layout drawings. There you’ll find specific information including blade numbers and pattern repeats so you can scale designs for use in any size space. For a one-of-a-kind, custom visual, our You Inspire™ Solutions Center can help! Simply email [email protected].
For more information about reducing noise and defining spaces with FELTWORKS Blades, go to Armstrong Ceilings