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This Lounge Series Delivers Comfort with Curves

May 25, 2021
Valet by Stance Healthcare

Healthcare spaces can too often feel cold and institutional, but the right design decisions can create spaces of respite. Stance Healthcare’s new lounge series, Valet, is aimed at providing comfort with an emphasis on soft lines and curves for its seating options. 

“Furnishings should contribute to both the physical and emotional comfort of the space,” said Cesar Fernandez, design and development manager for Stance Healthcare. “They should provide the right balance of ergonomics, features and comfort to the user to minimize stress. In addition, it has to provide the caregiver with solid performance to contribute to the most efficient and effective level of care.” 

Valet’s general healthcare collection includes five lounge chairs with a choice of back heights and bases, as well as a wider option that can fit two users. The company also offers Valet for Behavioral Health—two lounge chairs with a highly durable behavioral health-grade base. 

High back chairs
Valet comes in high back and low back options. Photo courtesy of Stance Healthcare.


7 products in the Valet and Valet for Behavioral Health collection 

15 years in business 

4 showrooms in North America 

7 options for metal finishes 

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