i+s Insider - Nov 29th, 2023
The Durable Coated Fabrics Task Group outlines best practices for spec'ing healthcare fabrics.
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November 29, 2023

Are you all caught up on our I Hear Design podcast episodes? If not, here's the latest: Chief Content Director Robert Nieminen sits down with Slavi Younger, founder and partner of acoustical product manufacturer Fräsch, to discuss the drivers behind the heightened interest in acoustics in design today. 


Bringing strength, style, and GreenCircle certification to every opening, the next-generation SARGENT PE80 Series electrified exit devices reduce energy consumption when compared to other electrified exit device trim while delivering fail-secure & fail-safe performance. Interested in specifying these devices on your next project?

It's back! Check out some of our editors' must-haves this season (that we think should definitely be on your wish lists as well.)
Here are the best questions to ask and what to prioritize in today’s post-pandemic world.

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This digital resource will help you discover interior design strategies, amenities, and other design elements that are reshaping the workplace
Lauren talks about what makes Vertebrae by Design Odyssey such a pioneering design for the kitchen and bath space. Read on to learn more about the all-in-one, space-saving, vertical bathroom.
Hightower's Draper nesting side and coffee tables feature four sizes, including an adjustable option, carving a unique space for itself in the market with a different shape for this category.
Ceilume's Stratford ceiling tiles feature concentric squares crafted from rigid vinyl, resulting in a classic design that will stand the test of time—as will its sustainability factor. Read on to learn more about colors, finishes and IAQ standards it's meeting.
The Formfeld 1 structure embodies dynamic movement, mimicking the swarming patterns of fish and birds. Available in light oak, natural oak, black satinized MDF and volcanic sandstone.